Make competences visible
With this title on 1.9.2015 we started with an international project in the framework of the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission. We will develop recommondations for a lifelong digital portfolio and develop, test and describe instruments and methods for young adults in a vulnerable position in the participating countries to collect proves to enter Vocational Education Training and the labour market.

Young adults in a vulnerable position will leave education without a diploma. They will have a negative experience and are supported in the belief that they are a failure for not having a professional qualification. This project will focus on the capabilities of these young adults by focusing on the development of a portfolio approach. By using EVP, EVC, and the ECVET methodology it will be possible to highlight the competences and skills of these young adults on the EQF level 1 and 2. This will enable them to progress to professional education (VET), and support them towards the labour market. Next to that they will be able to get a degree in the future by participating in a life-long-learning programme. Therefore this project will address the following topics:


  • Access to the labour market for disadvantaged groups with disabilities and special needs
  • Combating early school leaving and failure in education