Results and Impact

This project offers innovative instruments for the progress towards employment and transfers within the VET for young adults with learning and behavioral problems on level 1 and 2 of the EQF. At the moment the employment possibilities of this group cannot be highlighted and are not univocal. Therefore they have limited possibilities and it strengthens their belief of being a disadvantaged, not sufficiently qualified group. By connecting to European and National qualifying structures the position on the labour market of these young adults is improved and focus will be towards their skills and competences.


Long-term impact

By using European standards and methodologies it is possible to expand the approach to collaborating and other European countries. The ECVET methodology makes it is possible to develop approaches in consultation with employers and provide education in recognizable competences for employers without adjusting the qualifying structure of each independent country. This will improve the position of these young adults and will increase their employment potential. The developed approach is consistent with both European and National policy in the collaborating countries, which is focused on increasing the employment potential of this target group.